Making Data-Driven Decision

An enormous amount of structured and unstructured data is produced as businesses grow in leaps and bounds. As data grows, the need for storage also grows. However, the challenge was to build a solution and framework to store the massive data. Framework such as hadoop has solved this problem, and the shift is towards processing the data. This is where our data analytics services come in handy. We use data science to help you make informed decisions based on data. At Exa Data Inc. we provide a wide range of big data management services to our customers from around the globe.

Why the need of Data Analytics?

The structured data can be analyzed with simple business intelligence tools. However, in our times there is mostly unstructured data that needs proper analytics to make the best use out of it. Simple tools are not enough or capable to process the massive amount of unstructured data that keeps coming from sources such as text files, financial logs, multimedia, instrument, sensors, and so on. Complex and advanced analytical tools are required to process, analyze and then draw meaningful insights out of the unstructured data.

Using the latest Tools

Our data miners make use of the latest tools such as statistics with R to develop statistical software and carry out data analysis. Our team of experts also uses high level programming language such as Python to derive the required insights. Some of the services we provide using latest tools are:

Data management

  • Enhancements
  • Maintenance
  • Version control


  • Migrating across reporting platforms
  • Report and dashboard
  • Customized report and alert
  • Performance optimization


  • Master data management
  • Data migration (ETL)
  • Tools and technology selection
  • Data connectors such as ERP, CRM, database, OLAP tools, email servers

HDFS Infrastructure

  • Assistance in setting up HDP distribution
  • Setting up Hadoop cluster on a fresh machine along with a new eco-system
  • OLAP cube
  • DWH design

The face of data analytics is changing every day, and our team keeps themselves updated with the latest tools and technologies in big data management to help you make data driven decisions.