Companies today spend a huge amount of money on training candidates trained and to bring them to the level that is required by most companies. This entire corporate world is facing a predicament. To eradicate this problem and to save money for companies, there is a brand new service available by the name of HTD (Hire, Train, and Deploy).

Hire, Train, and Deploy is a service rendered by Exa data Inc catering to the exact skill set required by the companies. The HTD service providers' resources train the trainees in a way that it caters to the needs of the clients once the training gets over. Companies gain a lot from this as they save time and money through this system and get the resources with the exact skillset. Hire, Train and Deploy is slowly creeping up the popularity order and it is certainly becoming one of the most popular staffing services.

A Specialized Training Program

Exa data Inc delivers an exclusive, result-oriented and process-driven model for hiring highly trained professionals for catering to your business.  Nowadays most companies jump the gun in hiring qualified trainees, graduates, and professionals but they do not invest enough in the resources to train them adequately. So, in order to find the right employee we have got just the right training program for you. This training program offers symbiotic benefits for both parties.

We have made a protocol that brings together fully trained employees to a company that needs the requisite skills and talent. We are looking for the right skilled and talented candidates to extend their resumes to us.

Our focus is on the IT industry and we ensure we open the right opportunities for a plethora of candidates across the world and once they qualify for our selection program, we prepare them for the right job opportunity at any of our client’s companies.

Finding the Right Career for our Candidates

Most candidates know exactly which career path to choose. We won’t dictate them about their career choice, but we will do everything in our ability to help them shine in their chosen career. We will help find the talent and shape them in a way that will help them find the slot in a successful company.