Our Canadian client’s main objective was to develop strong Supply Chain Management system that allowed him to manage and process all orders from one system.


Exadatainc provided the web-based solution with following features:

  • Reports are generated for analysis and statistics.
  • Shipping information management that manages all relevant data related to shipping packages and other shipping information.
  • Manage all data related to the company like: manage companies, users, customers, warehouse locations, carriers, zones etc.
  • Account management is carried out for transaction, invoice, and payment management.
  • Order management is provided for export and import goods, storage fees management and other order relevant information. Very large file of order can be imported for a processing large amount of order information.


Exadatainc successfully developed the web-based solution, Supply Chain Management that covered all the required areas related to transportation industry. This solution helps in both national and international transportation management. TatvaSoft delivered fast, effective and low error rate solution that satisfied clients and also accelerated clients business.