Client is Italy based and develops software products. He wanted to develop software which can help maintaining the software and hardware inventory of all computers connected in the network. IT inventory can help network administrators and managers to monitor, control and troubleshoot various network problems and issues.

Client was interested in developing this software which can work as Guard to the system. Software should monitor and check for any malfunction in the system and take appropriate action. So basically he insisted on developing a tool for managing business IT systems.


Exadatainc provided a solution using Microsoft Technology (Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server). We developed a client-server application with a Desktop application as the client and a Web Master as Server. The desktop version is installed on the host which connects to the Web Master. The Web Master is used to monitor and synchronize all the desktop clients. The system offers following features:

  • Software, Hardware and Network monitoring: With the help of 60 plug-ins every aspect of the system can be monitored.
  • Web Master: Manage various System Health Checker hosts via a centralized console.
  • Asset Module: Provide detailed information about hardware, software, Network and other resources.
  • Software Distribution Module: To distribute System Health Checker desktop version.
  • Report(Report Scheduling): Generate reports and schedule them as mentioned.
  • Service Level Module: Specify service compliance with service agreements.


The system offers following benefits:

System Health Checker allows you to manage and analyze the system which results in more secure, stable and improved performance Ability to take necessary precaution for security and performance problems before they occur. It centralizes all clients and servers and analyzes any possible anomalies. It can detect services status and start and stop manually when needed It can perform 60 items check at a specified interval and report the status. Detects hardware and software on all machines and manage a complete inventory of them. Machines can be remotely monitored and managed. Operations such as performing real-time checks, interrupting processes, restarting services, rebooting the system can be controlled through Central Interface. Allow you to set power savings parameters for your workstations, and will turn them off when they are not used.