Traffic management application is designed to streamline and automate the internal support section of the traffic engineering to help better accomplish the goals. This replaces the need of electronic transactions internally as well as externally, and also reduces the paper trail. The core data is structured and is very well integrated with the other internal subdivisions. Some of the ways it will help internally is by direct cost, better customer service report, and time as well.

Data and requests related to traffic studies, design, planning, engineering, signs and pavement markings, intelligent transportation systems, school program, special project groups, signal construction and works, etc. can be handled effectively. The data is stored in a central location so that the management reports can be generated for the group and division level. This portal is for the government to effectively assign, schedule, track, approve, prioritize and coordinate on activities, and this helps share information across the engineering department and other government agencies.

Some of the notable features

  • Produce job requests resulted from the issues and problems
  • Electronic file issues and problems that are reported by citizens, external parties, and consultants
  • Electronically tracking, escalation and execution of events
  • Capture and then catalogue information
  • Escalate issues and follow up by requesting work orders
  • Schedule, approve, assign, track, prioritize and coordinate any follow up events and actions required for trouble reports, service requests, and work orders
  • Facilitate coordination among the work order participation

These and several other advantages help traffic management to be effective and in line with the latest technology.